Hard-working Nebraskans deserve comprehensive tax reform, and cutting property taxes is a top priority. As Governor, I would make sure state and local officials work together to reduce the tax burden on Nebraskans while still running an efficient government that is responsive to its citizens.

To cut taxes, we must hold the line on government spending. Balanced budgets are the key to Nebraska’s economic prosperity, and we have to streamline programs and cut waste to fully fund our priorities: jobs, infrastructure, and education.

We knew Obamacare would be a disaster. That’s why I led a 26-state coalition to challenge the law all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Though the Court upheld the law overall on a 5-4 vote, we won a key victory against the federal government’s attempt to illegally take over state Medicaid programs. Because of our victory, Governor Heineman was able to say “no” to Obama’s Medicaid takeover.

I am proud to stand with taxpayers against Obamacare, but the work continues. Nebraskans are suffering the consequences of the law – from rising healthcare costs to forced purchases of products which violate our religious beliefs to federal bureaucrats involved in our personal health information. As Governor, I will continue to challenge Obamacare and protect Nebraskans from its disastrous consequences.

Nebraska farmers and ranchers are producing the world’s safest, most affordable food while continuing to be excellent stewards of the land. They feed the world using cutting-edge technologies and fewer resources than ever before. Agriculture is the foundation of Nebraska’s economic prosperity and, as Governor, I will work to ensure farming and ranching continues to be a thriving sector in Nebraska.

President Obama’s EPA continues to threaten Nebraska agriculture through unnecessary interference and regulation. I have fought back and challenged EPA more than 30 times to protect our agricultural producers and to keep energy prices affordable for Nebraska families, and I will continue to fight the EPA as Governor.

Maintaining an environment that enables our farmers and ranchers to thrive is a top priority. Reducing property taxes and investing in Nebraska’s infrastructure are important means to ensure that Nebraska agriculture continues on the path to success.

Illegal immigration is the federal government’s responsibility but it’s Nebraska’s problem and we have to push back. As Attorney General, I’ve fought with Governor Heineman to oppose taxpayer-funded health benefits and to deny driver’s licenses for those here illegally.

And I oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants. Period.

Our country was built on legal immigration. My ancestors came to Nebraska for a better life in the 1800s – but they did it the right way. I don’t believe it is cruel to expect people who come here to follow the law.

The right to bear arms guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States of America should never be compromised.

As a lifelong hunter and lifetime endowment member of the NRA, I’m a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. I’m proud to have consistently earned an A+ rating for my support of the NRA, and as Attorney General, I’ve defended conceal carry and handgun rights in court.

During my time in the Legislature, I maintained a 100% pro-Life voting record. As your Attorney General, I have fought attempts to expand abortion in Nebraska. I worked with Governor Heineman and pro-Life senators to pass a first-in-the-nation law banning abortion after the point an unborn baby feels pain. I will always stand with those who stand for life and will continue to fight to stop abortion in Nebraska.

Among the terrible consequences of Obamacare is the law’s requirement that health insurance policies provide abortion products for free. This attempt by the Obama Administration to force Nebraskans of faith to pay for other people’s abortions is outrageous and unconstitutional. I led a coalition of states and religious institutions to stop this mandate and continue to fight it at the U.S. Supreme Court.

As Governor, I will continue to fight to make sure Nebraskans of faith are not forced to compromise their religious beliefs in order to comply with Obamacare requirements.

We owe our veterans for their sacrifices in protecting our lives and liberty. We are privileged in Nebraska to have a large community of active duty personnel, reservists, and military retirees. These men and women are smart, hard working, and entrepreneurial. Yet we have a tax system that often encourages military retirees to move to other states. As Governor, I would sign a bill ending state income taxes on military retirement income. We must ensure Nebraska is a place of opportunity and prosperity for our veterans.

Keeping Nebraska kids safe has been a top priority for me as Attorney General. Before I took office, online sexual predators were often not prosecuted for their crimes. If they were, they often received weak sentences. I fought to change that and ensure that child predators receive serious sentences. As Governor, I will continue to fight to protect our kids.

I believe in the importance of families to our society and in traditional marriage. As Attorney General, I defended Nebraska’s constitutional protection of traditional marriage and the right of the people to define marriage. As Governor, I will oppose attempts by unelected judges or the federal government to overturn Nebraska’s marriage amendment, which was passed by a majority of nearly three-quarters of Nebraskans.